sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2011

1986 LP V.A. "SUB POP 100"

A1-Steve Albini - Spoken Word Intro Thing
A2-Scratch Acid - Greatest Gift
A3-Wipers - Nothin' To Prove (live)
A4-Sonic Youth - Kill Yr.Idols
A5-Naked Raygun - Bananacuda
A6-U-Men - Gila
A7-Dangerous Birds - Smile On Your Face
B1-Skinny Puppy - Church In Hell
B2-Steve Fisk - Go At Full ThrottleB3-Lupe Diaz - Itsbeena
B4-Boy Dirt Car - Impact Test
B5-Savage Republic - Real Men
B6-Shonen Knife - One Day Of The Factory
B7-Barry White ending (endless!!!)