lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011


Various – The Wailing Ultimate - The Homestead Records Compilation

A1 Dinosaur* – Repulsion
A2 Volcano Suns – White Elephant
Producer – Lou Giordano
A3 Phantom Tollbooth – Valley Of The Gwangi
Producer – Chris Xefos
A4 Squirrel Bait – Sun God
Producer – Howie Gano
A5 Breaking Circus – Song Of The South
Producer – Iain Burgess, Steve Björklund
A6 Big Black – Il Duce
Producer – Iain Burgess
A7 Salem 66 – The Well
Producer – Ethan James
B1 Death Of Samantha – Blood And Shaving Cream
Producer – Chris Burgess
B2 Antietam – In A Glass House
Producer – Albert Garzon
B3 Live Skull – Fort Belvedere
Producer – Martin Bisi
B4 Naked Raygun – I Remember
Producer – Iain Burgess
B5 Reactions, The – Don't Look Back
Producer – Chris Burgess B6 Big Dipper – You're Not Patsy
Producer – Lou Giordano
B7 Great Plains – Letter To A Fanzine
Producer – Don Howland, Michael Hummel