viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009


The Godfathers were founded by brothers Peter and Chris Coyne in London in 1985. Vocalist Peter and bassist Chris were joined by guitarists Kris Dollimore and Mike Gibson and drummer George Mazur. Coming ten years after Britain's punk explosion, they nevertheless built on that music's rage and force. Their debut album, Hit by Hit, was released in the U.S. on the indie label Link in 1986 and followed by Birth, School, Work, Death on Epic in 1988, which made the Top 100 bestsellers as the title song was played on album rock radio. Their third album, More Songs About Love & Hate (1989), featured the popular college radio track "She Gives Me Love," but was less commercially successful. They released a fourth album, Unreal World, on Epic in 1991.
Sid Presley Experience Personnel:
Peter Coyne - Vocals
Chris Coyne - Bass
Del Bartel - Guitar
Kev Murphy - Drums
Unholy Trinity Personnel:
Del Bartel - Guitar
Kev Murphy - Drums
Couple other guys

Before The Godfathers (of 'Birth School Work Death' fame) there was The Sid Presley Experience. In addition to the two eps listed above, they did several radio sessions. I've attempted to collect all known recordings by the SPE and compile them into one anthology. In an era of new wave and synths, the SPE pounded out some quality rock and roll that went against fads of the time. If there was any rock and roll justice The Godfathers would have been huge.
The Unholy Trinity were formed when the SPE disbanded and the Coyne brothers went on to form The Godfathers.