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Kendra Smith (born 14 March 1960, San Diego, California) is an American musician who was a founding member of Dream Syndicate, a member of Opal, and later recorded as a solo artist.

Kendra Smith Born 14 March 1960
Origin San Diego, California
Genres rock Occupations Singer, songwriter, musician
Instruments Bass guitar, pump organ
Years active late 1970s – present
Labels 4AD
Associated acts Dream Syndicate Rainy Day Opal
With Suspects
"Talking Loud" 7" (1979) 

With The Dream Syndicate
The Dream Syndicate mini-LP (1982)
Down There (UK Indie #25)
The Days of Wine and Roses (1983)
Ruby/Rough Trade (UK Indie #7)
"Tell Me When It's Over" 12" EP (1983)
Rough Trade (UK Indie #11)

With Clay Allison
"Fell From the Sun" 7" (1984)

Kendra Smith and David Roback and Keith Mitchell
Fell From the Sun EP (1984) (UK Indie #16)

With Rainy Day
Rainy Day (1984) Llama/Rough Trade
"I'll Keep It With Mine" (1984) Rough Trade (UK Indie #36)

With Opal
"Northern Line" 12" EP (1986)
Happy Nightmare Baby (1987) SST
Early Recordings (1989) /Rough Trade 

With The Guild of Temporal Adventurers
Kendra Smith Presents the Guild of Temporal Adventurers mini-LP (1992)

 "Valley Of The Morning Sun" (1992) Warner Bros. (promo only)
"Five Ways of Disappearing" (1995) 4AD